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N.M. Hansen is ISO 9001 Compliant, and our Quality Assurance Manager is a Senior member of the American Society of Quality.  Our Quality Department employs a paperless office system which allows for ease of record retention, and traceability.

Our Goal is to be a world class leader on the cutting edge in quality.  Our success will not be a matter of chance, but a commitment to the core value that distinguishes us from our competitors.

N.M. Hansen is a leader in the manufacturing of Aerospace metal parts, Glass delivery systems for bottle making machines, Precision machine parts and Machine Builds and Rebuilds.  All of N.M. Hansen's products meet or exceed the highest requirements and expectations of our customers in the following areas:  Total Quality, Lowest Cost possible, and on Time Delivery.

To accomplish our goals and gain competitive advantages, we implement state of the art methods in continual improvements, preventative maintenance and statistical process control techniques.  N.M. Hansen also uses a Zeiss Contura G2 CMM to ensure quality on the tightest of tolerances in the most intricate parts.

At Hansen Machine & Tool, we're particularly conscious of quality assurance and we're proud of the result.  Whether we're designing and building special machines and tools, producing prototypes or sub-assemblies, working with exotic metals for aerospace or armaments, or machining standard materials for a broad spectrum of general applications- each operation is methodically verified for pinpoint precision.  That kind of persistent checking goes on if we're making a one-piece prototype or tooling up for a full production run.

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